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> Personally, I have always preferred external modems 
Personal preferences are usually based upon good experience with the item in 
question.  I worked with several modems in the "good old days" and while the 
external modems were usually superior to internal ones - - - that changed as 
the computer "Bus speeds" increased. As I understand it - - -While all 
modems are limited by their ability to transmit over telehone lines, the 
input speeds of external modems were limited to the (serial) transmission speed 
from the computer to the external modem over the connecting cable.  When CPU 
speeds increased dramatically, the external  modems could not keep up with 
the input speed of the internal modems.  Unfortunately, some modem 
 (prodded by cpu builders) were able to reduce their costs by allowing the 
processors to take over many of their functions - - - thereby reducing their 
effective speed.  You can usually tell these modems by the terms "WinModems" or 
"Windows Compatible" statements on the box they come in. 

And that, is my understanding of telephone modems.

Jupiter Matt  

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