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Hi there,
Dial up speed is affected by the modem insofar as the speed of the modem
itself - if it is a 33K modem then you are not going to get anything higher
than 33K, if it is a 56K then you will get something around the 56K.
The main problem, most of the time, is the quality of the line in to your
house, the better the quality [not physical quality but the quality or
rather cleanliness of the incoming and outgoing data and any interupptions
and noise on the line] then the higher connection times you are going to
BTW, AFAIK, telephone companies will never give you a pure 56K, it will
always be less, especially upload speed.


TTFN - Vic

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Hi Barbara,
Sounds like you and I live in the same neighborhood.  But of course we could
get a satellite connection if we could afford their prices.
One thing I've learned though is that dial up speed isn't affected as much
by the speed of the computer as it is affected by the speed and quality of
the modem itself.  Now, someone else here would have the technical knowledge
to elaborate and tell us "why" this is so.  A friend of mine, who is amazing
with computers, told me something about hardware modems being faster than
software modems but I understand hardware modems are difficult to find these

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