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  • Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 14:28:07 -0600 (Central Standard Time)

 I think my modem is okay. I have done updates that come along. Most of the
time, my isp tells me its my phone lines..since i live in the country. Which
most of the time my connect speed is 50. or above. Every now and then I get
a low one, but then I just keep reconnecting till it gets better. How do you
know if you have a hardware modem or a software modem?? Barb
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I have found that the us robotics external modem which hooks up to a serial
port (56K, V.92) are simple to use and are hardware modems which are redialy
available. A software modem uses resources from your CPU\Ram and are
built-in modems, not all built-in modems are software modems. The key is
also to make sure you do not load your modem up as a standard modem, you
need to update the drivers with the software that came with your modem, also
www.dslreports.com has some tweaks that you can apply that will add some
registry settings to get maximum communication, other sites I am sure have
similiar fixes. Dave
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Hi Barbara,
Sounds like you and I live in the same neighborhood.  But of course we could
get a satellite connection if we could afford their prices.
One thing I've learned though is that dial up speed isn't affected as much
by the speed of the computer as it is affected by the speed and quality of
the modem itself.  Now, someone else here would have the technical knowledge
to elaborate and tell us "why" this is so.  A friend of mine, who is amazing
with computers, told me something about hardware modems being faster than
software modems but I understand hardware modems are difficult to find these

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