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I am an IT manager at an ISP - we also run the rural area school comps and
network as well as the comps and networks for a few companies etc round
We run 4 different networks right near our central location , and then we
have the ISP network that includes wi-fi, cable, frame-relay and ATM
Our ISP manages an area of aprox 150 sq miles. though the population is not
huge and is as you can imagine quite spread out in 6 main Moshavs
[towns/villages] meaning that bringing high speed comms to them has been a
hassle, but we have succedded more or less - for now but we are anticipating
more problems down the line as more and more users leave dial-up and move
over to broadband. I would say that 99% of the population in our area is
hooked up with us.
That pic is one of the better ones, you really don't want to see our
"sphaggetti" racks as I call them, racks of modems, routers and optical
signal processors, with cables running this way and that - tracing a cable
from start to end is a mission in itself !!!!
Besides some of the rooms we have are from way back so they started out
being tidy and fine but after zillion add-ons they really are a "bit" of a
mess !!!!


TTFN - Vic

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Hi Vic,
The way it was explained to me was that a hardware modem does most of it's
work on the card itself.  A software modem does most of it's work via the
software itself.  Both are cards, of course. 
Nice pic, so tell us what kind of work you do.  =)

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