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  • Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 08:17:35 -0500

Hi Carl,
The group was helping me diagnose a broken machine of a friend of mine.
Turned out McAfee was the reason it wouldn't boot up.  Lot's of list members
voiced their distaste for and problems with McAfee too, which corresponds to
the complaints I've read elsewhere about.  Bottom line seems to be that it
either runs/behaves well or it causes trouble.  Seems that it causes trouble
more often than than the norm.  Anyway, I couldn't delete it because she was
out of town and I needed her approval.  Oh, and for the rest of you guys it
was a "new" install to the machine.  She has the CD for that one, she said.
But apparently it had given her trouble elsewhere because she was very
willing to get rid of it.
It will probably be tonight before I get to it though.  I have to work
today, then I have to run to town and get turkey food and a fan switch for
the truck and get back before dark because I don't have any headlights while
the dash board is torn apart. Whew, an air conditioner again!  That'll be
grand!  For over a year or so it has had only one speed working, HIGH.  You
either sweated or froze, nothing in between... until last week when it gave
that speed up too.
Ok, enough rattling about dumb stuff.  Get to work you guys!!  =)


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>What did I miss?
>What is wrong with McAfee?
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>> Great news! :>)
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>> I got the official OK to dump McAfee today.  Yeehaa!  And I didn't even
>> to remind her about our conversation.  She mentioned it to me!  =)  Sharp
>> a tack she is, even at 75.  I sure hope I'm that good when I get
>that age.
>> So tomorrow we forge onward and upward.
>> Pam
>> >
>> >
>> >Hi Dave,
>> >Personally, I tend to agree with you, but this is not my machine so not
>> >choice. =(
>> >I already told her back when she first got online that when it came time
>> >renew that I wanted to put her on something else and she agreed.
>> >she remembers that conversation and will agree to getting rid of McAfee.
>> >
>> >Pam
>> >
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>> >>
>> >>
>> >>Pam: Not to start a debate but I rate McAfee a minus 10 on a
>> >scale of 1-10,
>> >>10 being great. I think it is just big money that is keeping
>them in the
>> >>arena, they use to be good years ago, but not so IMHO anymore. Dave
>> >>
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>> >>
>> >>
>> >>Hi Eric,
>> >>No, haven't tried an update yet for 2 reasons, first I have
>> >everything that
>> >>I can see that is McAfee disabled, and second, I think that's
>> >what she told
>> >>me her daughter did for her right before it cratered.  She will be
>> >>back home
>> >>Monday so I'm just going to table it until I talk to her.
>> >>Hey, I just realized I can look in the McAfee files on her machine and
>> >>what the file dates tell me.
>> >>
>> >>Pam
>> >>
>> >>>>
>> >>>
>> >>>Hi Pam,
>> >>>
>> >>>I just *conjectured* that McAfee might be out of date, because I
>> >>>assumed it was not a new machine and possibly therefore not a recent
>> >>>installation of McAfee. If it is a new McAfee installation, then I
>> >>>would assume (sigh!... there's that word again) that the user is (or
>> >>>should be) entitled to 12 month's worth of updates. Unfortunately, I
>> >>>do not use McA, so that supposition on my part might be wrong too.
>> >>>
>> >>>Have you tried a McA AV update yet?
>> >>>
>> >>>That Guy In Africa...

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