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  • Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 18:54:16 -0700

Hi Pam,
Ignore that other one, it got away from me. :O)

Since it's not telling you it can't find something to boot from, I assume your
hard drive is good and the win98 system is just messed up somehow.

Of course this means that you need to load the operating system over the top of

Recovery cd? Or a win98 folder on the hard drive that has a setup file in it?

You could start with a startup disk and see if you can see any folders on the
hard drive, with dos.

Bob Noble
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| Hi all,
| A friend asked me to look at her computer, a Compaq, running Win98, and
| that's all she knows about it and all that I can get to (screen wise).  She
| said it wouldn't boot up.  I brought it home and what I see when I attempt
| to boot is the orignal "Compaq" screen, and then the Win 98 cloud screen.  I
| can hear the hdd doing it's thing, the blue line at the bottom of the cloud
| screen moves normally for a bit and then the machine freezes; the blue line
| quits moving, the hdd sounds stop, the cloud screen never goes away.
| She is computer illiterate except to work in email and MS Word.  Her kids
| got it "used" for her for Christmas.  Any suggestions on what to check or
| do?
| Pam

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