[pcductape] Re: diagnosing a problem

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  • Date: Sat, 24 May 2003 17:33:52 +0200

Hi Pam,

I just *conjectured* that McAfee might be out of date, because I
assumed it was not a new machine and possibly therefore not a recent
installation of McAfee. If it is a new McAfee installation, then I
would assume (sigh!... there's that word again) that the user is (or
should be) entitled to 12 month's worth of updates. Unfortunately, I
do not use McA, so that supposition on my part might be wrong too.

Have you tried a McA AV update yet?

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Hi Scott and Eric,
I think I'm confused. I thought you could buy McAfee in stores and
it on a machine yourself and they sold you 1 year subscriptions to


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>Hello Pam,
>Saturday, May 24, 2003, 9:15:10 AM, you wrote:
>P> Hi Eric,
>P> Do you know how long McAfee runs for?  Reason I ask is because
>it seems I
>P> recall they are 1 year subscriptions and she's only been on the
>P> since christmas.  The computer and the internet were gifts from
>her kids.
>You said the computer has Windows 98 on it.  That's all you need to
>know, since name-brand computers with 98 on them haven't been new for
>perhaps 2 years -- at best.  You said that she said that it came
>without disks.  I'd suspect that they got it from a pawn shop or
>something like that.
>Also, "1 year" is probably a maximum, not a minimum.
>Best regards,
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