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  • Date: Sat, 24 May 2003 17:04:43 +0200

Hi Pam...

Scott has said it all. I also (incorrectly ?) assumed that the
computer was a few years old, reasons being that it had 98 loaded and
came without any disks of any sort. If I'm wrong, I am velly solly :)

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Hi Eric,
Do you know how long McAfee runs for?  Reason I ask is because it
seems I
recall they are 1 year subscriptions and she's only been on the
since christmas.  The computer and the internet were gifts from her


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>As Scott mentioned, the McAfee has most likely expired by now and it
>would seem definitely to not have been updated recently. Dump McAfee
>and install AVG (free) from here:  www.grisoft.com
>This is updated regularly (about 3 times a week and works well.
>Happy computing,
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>My Treetop: http://gds.co.za/northcom/
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>Hi Scott,
>I went into msconfig and disabled it on start up and it booted
>As you surmised, I don't know if she has a disk to reinstall with and
>out of town for the weekend so I can't ask.  I did ask her when I
>picked it
>up if she had any restore disks or disks that came with the computer
>and she
>said she got no disks of any kind with it. So for that reason I
>hesitate to
>I am currently in the process of doing an online scan on it, and
>will check for spyware while I have the opportunity.
>I remember now that she mentioned someone, probably her daughter, did
>something to her computer right before it went down, and I got the
>impression she was referring to AV update, even though she herself
>know that's what she was talking about.
>Next round of suggestions very welcome,

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