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Bob Noble
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| Hi all,
| A friend asked me to look at her computer, a Compaq, running Win98, and
| that's all she knows about it and all that I can get to (screen wise).  She
| said it wouldn't boot up.  I brought it home and what I see when I attempt
| to boot is the orignal "Compaq" screen, and then the Win 98 cloud screen.  I
| can hear the hdd doing it's thing, the blue line at the bottom of the cloud
| screen moves normally for a bit and then the machine freezes; the blue line
| quits moving, the hdd sounds stop, the cloud screen never goes away.
| She is computer illiterate except to work in email and MS Word.  Her kids
| got it "used" for her for Christmas.  Any suggestions on what to check or
| do?
| Pam

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