[pcductape] Re: computers in kayaks?

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  • Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 22:40:14 +0200

Ha bob,

But how about adding a webcam to the laptop on your kayak and streaming the
view to your website and people might pay to see the river sights????

Now you can kayak and make money at the same time - add a good directional
mike and you could also stream sound with the pic - you could do commentary
or just have river sounds and wildlife added.

Now that will be a couple of $$$$  for the consultation !!!!  ROTFLMAO

Have a good one




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Hi Vic,
Well, that computer would certainly do it.
I would need the Satellite connection too.

The only problem I can see is when I'm kayaking, I'm not earning any money,
so I'll never get enough to buy one. :O) Thanks for the info.

Bob Noble
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| There are waterproofed laptops - look at these for example
| http://www.gobookmax.co.uk/uk/gobookmax/features.asp
| Ha and you just thought that kayaking would get you away from the 
| computer - sorry about that.
| The pricing might be a tad hefty though.
| If wireless comm won't do it you can always add sattelite ability

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