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Hi Bob,
Nice Picture.
Looks like fun.

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  Hi Pam,
  I've been busy kayaking. :O) Among other things.

  Now if I could just figure out how to put a computer in my kayak to look up 
things and send some pics whilst going down stream I'd have it made.

  I've included a pic to show what I've been up too.
  I bought this kayak to do flat water, but a recent trip to NE Oregon found 
the river high from a snow melt.
  The river was high and looked intimidating, but as they say in Canada, what 
the hey?

  The pic is of my second trip down. I fell over in this exact spot the first 
time down, so yes I'm scared. :O) I made it through this spot for this pic, but 
crashed again on the next one. I found out what happens when ones leg contacts 
rock walls. It was a bit bloody, but didn't slow me down much.
  After the fourth or fifth trip, I was smiling and yelling YaHooooooooo. :O)
  We did this almost everyday for the three weeks I was up there. Lot's of fun.
  Now I'm back to yakking the slow ol river where I live. It's not as thrilling 
after that, but is very beautiful.

  I'll sure be happy when they get these computers waterproof and small. :O)
  Oh, the river was the Grande Ronde.

  Bob Noble
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  | Hey there, Bob.  Long time no see! =)
  | Pam

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