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  • Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 03:30:21 -0600 (Central Standard Time)

    My favorite computer is the ones i come across in the trash or at garage
sales, when people say they're junk and not worth a red cent. I bought an
older compaq , monitor ,dual cdroms, ect..for $5.00 and that was well worth
5.00 . I enjoy figuring what went haywire on it and just general snooping on
the harddrive.. Not to mention, being able to replace my nephews cdrom for
nothing. Several years ago, I put together a old computer for my sons
daycare with shareware programs and menu in dos for kids. It was realy cool.
It gave early exposure for children and they felt quite in control doing it
all by them selves. I've wanted to get into business doing computer work,
but things just haven't panned out yet.. I have gotten several friends and
family into computers, and of course I am the techinical support person. I
have people that call and require help and I try my best to help.So int he
meantime, i just recycle computers and have a stack of them around. I have
gotten rid of all my 8088s and 386's. Since I have become disabled, I am
limited on what i can do these days.  I did however buy myself this compaq
presario 6000 with xp on it. I like it, its powerful,etc, but I miss taking
that cover off and fiddling with parts and trying things out on it. I haven
t installed much as far as shareware and things, for since i didnt get a xp
cd , im scared to do much to it. But I still have a few old computers around
the house to play with. and I never pass up a free computer..and my friends
and family get ones for me too. But by far the best thing I ever did, was to
get my husband hooked. THat makes my hobby alot more tolerable. I got him an
compaq 6000 also, but he still has his old computer that he uses for his
data base. And around here...when somebodys computer goes down, mine,hubby
or the kids, its top priority to fix. Atleast others with the love of
computers understand that, but then there are others that think we are
insane.  Barb
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By the way, I think I made a mistake and said I like Compaq computers.
I don't, but they aren't that bad. :O)
I like Dell the best right now. 
But if a person is on a tight budget, an Emachine will work quite well also.
Bob Noble

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