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If theis is an older Compaq, say 3+years?, you're definitely going to need
the original Restore disk.  It has all the drivers for your hardware on it.
You might be able to call Compaq tech support and have them send you a new
one for a small fee as long as the computer was registered.  Try to find any
and all the documentation that came with the box so that you have all the
info they will need.

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        Hi Thanks to Sandi or some unknown forces, I have made my way back
to the list. I have a compaq deskpro en that I am trying to work on.. and so
far no luck. It is my children's computer and they started having trouble
with windows 98 not wanting to load. So I have been trying to reinstall but
no luck. I have no restore disk. I did download a file from compaq that
installed the diagnostics back on the hard drive.  I have tried formating
and fdisk . I printed out some stuff from compaq, but I've come to the
conclusion that I have totally no clue on what to do next. Do I have to have
a restore cd from compaq to make this bugger work or what??  Any clues or
ideas would be helpful. thanks Barbara
        Also thanks for the reminder about updating my virus scanner, I had
forgotten to check it lately and it needed updating... :)

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