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  • Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 23:23:02 -0600 (Central Standard Time)

 When computer is turned on..compaq screen shows up then goes to  
non-system disk or disk error"
Then I put in win 98 emergency disk.it just sits there with blinking cursor.
sounds like its reading the 3 1/2 then just sits there. 
then I restart with a compaq personal sys diagnostic boot disk i made from
compaq site..it goes into the compaq utilities menu. There it has inspect..
I do see in this inspect, the operating system listed is ms dos vers 6.2   .
.so maybe i cannot boot up to 98..It lists in the memory allocation file 
only command .com and inspect.exe

Then i exit..then it restarts and i took out the 3 1/2 to see what happens..
non system disk or disk error. So I suspect I have no operating system on
there at all. So in going thru pages of crap i printed out from compq the
other day i was sucessfull in deleting the partition i believe. But this
problem has escelated and the compaq site did me no good. I tried many
things they suggested...but nothing worked. i tryed doing that c: sys thing 
.where you transfer system files and didnt work. I thought maybe the
harddrive must be bad..switched with another one..and about the same kind of
luck.  does anyone know..is this compaq overlay stuff necessary or what.. Im
sorry I havent fiddled around with my computers for a few months, last one
was that monkey virus thingy...which its still sitting in the corner. I had
my ankle surgery and am layed up, and my children are biting the bullet and
dying without their computer.. I dont have the money to buy a new one and i
thought a new install of 98 would fix things and be on our merry way.. so
any thoughts or ideas..
I'm not familiar at all with compaq and Im use to using like maxtor drive to
fix the hard drives for install.. this hard drive is a fujistu... and on the
compaq site they mentioned the failing of this drive in this particular
model... thanks for listening..

en is the series of the compaq computer it is. in this compaq diagnostic
thing  ..it is listed as a deskpro en series.  
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Hi Barbara,
Well, I guess we need to know some more stuff.
Like, have you tried a boot disk to see what is on the hard drive?
Or, when you say you don't have a restore cd, do you have a copy of windows
or such?
Were you successful fdisking or formatting?
Let's start with that?
Oh, and what's en mean?
Bob Noble
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Hi Thanks to Sandi or some unknown forces, I have made my way back to the
list. I have a compaq deskpro en that I am trying to work on.. and so far no
luck. It is my children's computer and they started having trouble with
windows 98 not wanting to load. So I have been trying to reinstall but no
luck. I have no restore disk. I did download a file from compaq that
installed the diagnostics back on the hard drive. I have tried formating
and fdisk . I printed out some stuff from compaq, but I've come to the
conclusion that I have totally no clue on what to do next. Do I have to have
a restore cd from compaq to make this bugger work or what?? Any clues or
ideas would be helpful. thanks Barbara
Also thanks for the reminder about updating my virus scanner, I had
forgotten to
check it lately and it needed updating... :)
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