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MessageHi  Vic,

I used Explorer to look at all my outlook express 6 folders
(.dbx files) and I deleted all that are not needed, including
a very large "deleted items.dbx" file.   Thanks Pam for
pointing that out;   I now know that oe6 does not empty that
file.   Maybe I can schedule Cleanup 3.0 to do it for me.

I searched for the .dbx files and my search feature does not
work on this windows xp.   I guess when I "getaroundtoit" I'll
work on that issue.

Vic, you are in our prayers.   Keep your powder dry.   My
grandson who is in the Navy in the waters near you did not
understand "keep your powder dry".  I explained that in the
early years of the usa, men in the wilderness were fearful of
sudden attacks by native Americans (Indians) and they had to
load the gun power into the barrel of the rifles and if the
power was wet, it would not fire.   So, keep your power dry.


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Outlook Express


  Have you cleaned out your old messages and sent messages
etc, to much stuff in your Outlook express folders can cause

  As for the "old" people - well I guess that is part of being
a journalist. Let me ask you - Why do you say that , would you
leave your job to be done by a "youngster" if you could do
just the same if not better????

  As for me - well I'll just paste in something I wrote to
another group I am on and you can read all about me [ROTFLMAO]

  I am just fine here. Have heard a few planes overhead, but
that is nothing out of the normal for this area where I live -
and I know that the Israeli Air force has locked down the
airspace over Israel, so not worried about that at all.

  I am telling everyone round here the following sentence as
my "war" motto [everyone round here being paranoid about
falling missiles and what-not]
  "If you hear a boom, well it is too late, and if you don't
hear a boom, then why worry?" - let me explain -

  If you hear a boom and it is a chemical or biological
warhead, the chances of you surviving or not being at the very
least "ill/wounded" unless you are in a chemical/biological
bunker or wearing full costume anti-chemical/biological
equipment are slim, having only a gas mask [like 99.9% of the
population will only prevent the gas from entering your
lungs - your skin is still unprotected, even if you are in a
"closed" room with plastic and duct-taped windows and doors -
the blast of the missile in proximity will blow those
"protections" to smithereens along with shards of glass been
thrown at you etc etc. Being in a normal bunker will of course
enhance your ability to survive the boom and a conventional
missile fall, but chemical and biological is spread on the air
and tends to seek [in average weather conditions] the lowest
place - therefore an underground bunker is not the best place
to be.

  IMHO the best to do is just sit and wait - if you do hear a
boom and it is not near - figure out where it hit and then
quickly move upwind of that area. If it did hit very close by
, stay put - wait for the emergency people to show up - they
will do so very quickly here in Israel as they have teams
spread out all over the country and they will do the best they
can for you - it will do no good to spread a biological threat
by moving into a clean area - and a chemical one hitting
nearby you will need to be attended to immediately in any

  All that having been said - I am really pissed off at the
huge waste of money and resources put into this whole effort
of "protecting the population" when the threat level is said
to be so very very low, the success of just a gas mask is low,
the country is in such bad economic situation, and worse yet -
there have been a lot of old masks and Atropine syringes been
given out during the last refreshment of the gasmasks in

  After the Gulf war - all the gas masks in Israel were
"refreshed" and everyone changed them once or twice during the
last 10 years - on average the filters last about 6-7 years
unopened [they work on active charcoal etc which does loose
it's effectiveness even unopened, the same for the Atropine
chemical syringe].
  Two nights ago the public was told to open the boxes and
connect filter to mask etc. A lot of people found old stuff in
their boxes, broken masks etc etc etc. It has been an ongoing
fiasco as during the last 3 months or so a few "mistakes" have
been found with the masks etc.
  Now, having the boxes opened again , means that they will
all have to be replaced after the war - yet again - meaning
more expenditure of new masks, manpower etc etc. Stupid Stupid

  All this just to pacify people where a huge % of the people
already realize that the effort and precautions are useless.

  Well I'll be getting of the soapbox now - and know I am okay
and not in the least worried about the whole story.


  TTFN - Vic

  "To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent
people and
  the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of
honest critics
  and endure the betrayal  of false friends; to appreciate
beauty, to    find the best in others; to leave the world a
little better; whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a
redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed
easier because you have lived.


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  Hi Pam,
  Hi list,

  Yes I am glued to the TV;   I am spending too much time just
sitting and watching.    What is a really big surprise to me
is how many "old" people are in the area (Middle East) doing
"Live" reports of the War in Iraq.   Olive North for Fox News;
Ted Koppel for NBC News; and others I can't remember.    Why?
Ted Koppel owns a $40 million home in Maryland and probably
makes millions in salary each year doing his late night news.
Why go to a war zone?

  Computer:   I do have a nagging issue that I live with but I
would love to fix.   I do a lot of copy & paste from the
Internet to Outlook Express.   I've noticed lately that about
75% of the time, when I copy from the Internet and then start
a new message in Outlook Express and paste the article into
Outlook Express and then later I want to add stuff to the
message, like my personal remarks, The darn program crashes;
not Windows;   just Outlook Express.   Of course I can reload
it but I've lost my message.    Anyone with any suggestions?


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    Wow, it's so quiet here you can hear a pin drop.
    Is everyone glued to their TV's instead of their computer
screens these

    Hey Vic, hows it going over there?

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