[pcductape] Re: can you hear the pin drop? YES - & Outlook Express

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  • Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 04:13:00 -0600

Hi Pam,
Hi list,

Yes I am glued to the TV;   I am spending too much time just
sitting and watching.    What is a really big surprise to me
is how many "old" people are in the area (Middle East) doing
"Live" reports of the War in Iraq.   Olive North for Fox News;
Ted Koppel for NBC News; and others I can't remember.    Why?
Ted Koppel owns a $40 million home in Maryland and probably
makes millions in salary each year doing his late night news.
Why go to a war zone?

Computer:   I do have a nagging issue that I live with but I
would love to fix.   I do a lot of copy & paste from the
Internet to Outlook Express.   I've noticed lately that about
75% of the time, when I copy from the Internet and then start
a new message in Outlook Express and paste the article into
Outlook Express and then later I want to add stuff to the
message, like my personal remarks, The darn program crashes;
not Windows;   just Outlook Express.   Of course I can reload
it but I've lost my message.    Anyone with any suggestions?


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  Wow, it's so quiet here you can hear a pin drop.
  Is everyone glued to their TV's instead of their computer
screens these

  Hey Vic, hows it going over there?

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