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Hi David,
Yep, that's the word that my tired ol' brain wouldn't let me remember last
night.  =)
If I had turned it over I'd have seen the name of it, duh!  MS Intellimouse
Optical USB.  Guess I'll go look for the driver CD and see what happens.
Strange thing is that it comes and goes.  It was a menace earlier today when
I ended up regularly clicking on something I wasn't pointing at, but at this
moment it is behaving.  Guess it could sense my grip of frustration as I was
working with a client and her ISP's tech support earlier today.

<vent of steam>
Every ISP I've ever dealt with (present company excluded, Vic), when they
are experiencing a problem, always tries to pawn the fault of a problem on
anything and everything other than themselves even when it is clearly their
problem.  Does anyone else have to deal with this type of behavior with
their ISP?  What I don't understand is WHY?  Don't they understand that the
customer would feel much more loyalty and trust for them if they simply
said, "oops, looks like we have a problem.  we'll try and get it fixed as
soon as we can, thanks for letting us know".  But instead, they pass the
buck and procede to tell you it's your computer, your phone company, your
modem, reinstall windows, your web host, or some such other tale.
</vent of steam>

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  It is an Optical mouse! :>)
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    .  I have a Microsoft..... (having a forgetful moment here) forgot the
name of it, the kind without a ball but uses the red light to detect
movement, via USB. Anyway, it has begun making a slight side to side
movement.  I doubt it is the mouse itself because the first thing I did was
unplug the mouse and the cursor on the screen still moved.  Next I rebooted
and it quit for a while and then began it's little dance again.  Any
thoughts or suggestions?

       Your mouse is M$ Intellimouse, thats all I use at home. Really like
NO ball to get yucked up.
       In another response you said that you did not install any software,
maybe you should, uninstall the drivers and reinstall them and the software
and see what happens. Lots of little tweeks in the software.

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