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It is an Optical mouse! :>)
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.  I have a Microsoft..... (having a forgetful moment here) forgot the name
of it, the kind without a ball but uses the red light to detect movement,
via USB. Anyway, it has begun making a slight side to side movement.  I
doubt it is the mouse itself because the first thing I did was unplug the
mouse and the cursor on the screen still moved.  Next I rebooted and it quit
for a while and then began it's little dance again.  Any thoughts or

     Your mouse is M$ Intellimouse, thats all I use at home. Really like NO
ball to get yucked up. 
     In another response you said that you did not install any software,
maybe you should, uninstall the drivers and reinstall them and the software
and see what happens. Lots of little tweeks in the software. 

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