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  • Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 22:25:49 -0800

I was being facetious...:-)

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  In the Queens English it means that this is a tool that can check the 
performance of your comp during bootup time, it cannot make changes to the boot 
set-up and to what happens during the boot.
  For sys designers and software developers that produce stuff that is used 
during the boot up - this is usefull as they can see where problems lie - can 
perfect a setup so that they can shave of seconds to the boot process and 
therefore Mr Trapper will not find himself sitting in front of his computer 
twiddling his thumbs impatiently while the computer starts up - rather straight 
forward stuff - the end result being after running bootvis is that you can see 
graphs and read a log of what happened when , for how long, what clogged up the 
sys at a certain time and so on and so forth during boot-up.

  trapper wrote: 
    and in English this means  ...  :-)

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      Hi there Trapper,

      Bootvis.exe is a performance tracing and visualization tool that 
Microsoft designed to help PC system designers and software developers identify 
performance issues for boot/resume timing while developing new PC products or 
supporting software. 
      Note that Bootvis.exe is not a tool that will improve boot/resume 
performance for end users. Contrary to some published reports, Bootvis.exe 
cannot reduce or alter a system's boot or resume performance. The boot 
optimization routines invoked by Bootvis.exe are built into Windows XP. These 
routines run automatically at pre-determined times as part of the normal 
operation of the operating system.


TTFN - Vic /

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