[pcductape] blocking one's own email

  • From: "Elaine Bradshaw" <zona01@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 00:07:45 +0100

I wonder how many of you do the same as I do with Spam that comes in the email
I use IE6 and when I have a Spam mail come into the inbox I normally highlight 
the offending email click message on the toolbar and click block sender.  this 
then normally shoves the next one from that address in the deleted box.  I 
always check the deleted item box just in case an legitimate email goes in 
there by mistake.

Well just lately I noticed when I posted to this list that the post when it 
came back to me went into the deleted items, puzzled I check the properties of 
my post and could find no reason as to why it should end up into the deleted 
items box.  It wasn't until a Spam email came in  that I realised what was 
As I clicked to block sender, I noticed that it was my email address that I was 
about to block.

Some how the author of the email had made the "from address" as mine, Seeing 
this, I checked my blocked senders list and sure enough there was my email 
address.  I removed that entry but on checking further I found another of my 
email addresses in the blocked senders list.

So if any of you use that method of blocking email addresses, Beware check each 
time to make sure its not your own one your blocking. 


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