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Hi Bob,

You are blessed. You have family as neighbors. How wonderful. I remember you talking about your brother on occasions and now your uncle. Even family members who are difficult are wonderful; because they are your family; the most important social event of all.

May God Bless you and your family.


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Hi Carl,
I still like a big storm. But I like them better in the day when I can see what is going on. We just recovered from an hour power outage.
I don't think I want to sue my neighbor, cause's he's my uncle, even though, he is a hard ass.
I live in a forest, so it's not only just my neighbors trees. I have a few of my own. They don't realy bother me much, although, I do wince when I hear a big crack, pop. But I lived here a long time and most of them have been here a lot longer then I.
Hey, my computer shut down sevral times already because of power outs and has recovered with no probem. Maybe I have my pink bunny back. :O)
Bob Noble

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