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Hey Bob,

I remember a year or so ago you looked forward to a storm and enjoyed going out on your porch and watching all God's display of power. But I agree with you, when your neighbor has big trees that will fall on your house, it is scary. Remember, if the tree is healthy, then your insurance company will pay the claim, even though its from your neighbor's yard. However, if your neighbor's tree is dead, then his insurance company will be responsible for your claim.


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Well, don't worry, I don't think most of us need the raid stuff, unless one is trying to set up some one's computer with it.
It's raining good here and windy. Power just went off for a sec. Just before that, trees were cracking in the dark. Now when you have trees on the other side of the neighbors property that can still fall on your house, that gets scary. The only good thing is Redwood trees don't fall over much. They do lose some big branches though. There's a pile of eight inch dia. branches in my driveway. One falls and takes out several others.
Bob Noble

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