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It's quite simple actually.  After opening regedit, highlight My Computer on
the left screen side then go to File then click on Export and give the file
a unique name or date.  The default save location is in the My Documents
folder.  There are two ways to restore your old registry.  One is by simply
double clicking on the .reg file you created and the second is to open
regedit again, go to File and choose Import.
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| Speaking of backing up the registry.... anyone care to explain how one
| this?
| Pam
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|   I have done the same thing..so MUCH that I was beginning to wonder why
| people were always backing up the registry. No need to...well it happened
| one time and it wiped me down to the bare bone.  It hit me so hard up side
| the head I was spinning and had not a clue what happened. I bet I have
| edited my reg 100 times..and that was before coffee. the 101 time I wished
| had backed it up.
|   You think I learned...~-)

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