[pcductape] Re: avg 6 ending support=>safe sex?

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  • Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2004 00:35:40 -0800

Hi Carl,
Here I thought you were sleeping away and you've been working away instead.
There must be something in those programs to set to get a new page everytime. Have you checked their options or setups to see?

Have you noticed about web site news that where ever you go, you get almost the exact main stories though? I'm amazed that with all the thousands of reporters all over the world, how few stories of any variance we get each day.
I'll give you my two dollars worth of what I think about he us election too. :O), Even though, I know we're going to get into trouble with the ladies for being on this list. :O) Sorry ladies. I'll just say that I'm not of either the main parties. I will give Kerry much credit for even trying to run against Bush. Hilary was smarter than that. :O) She wanted to run, but knows she only has one chance. And was not willing to take it , yet. I thought Kerry put in a good showing, given the circumstances. It's too bad all the mis-information has to flow from both sides.
But everything is calculated on both sides, so who wins, maybe, has planned and skimmed the most and the bestest, so maybe they are the best choice?
Almost time for me to see the sleepy man.

Bob Noble
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Hi Eric,

Yes, I couldn't sleep so I'm doing bookkeeping, what with my business and all. I read one of your messages that you use Mozilla browser at home and at work and I do to, however, I have to keep Internet Explorer because that is the only browser that will work with my company. I would prefer Mozilla for everything. I have noticed that Mozilla will not open the most current page until I do a reload. For example, I go to cnn.com to read the most current news and it still has the page from the day before; until I do a right click and reload. Odd. I wonder how I could configure Mozilla to open new pages as I go there. I have the same problem with foxnews.com. The news at cnn.com is the liberal view and the news at foxnews.com is the conservative view; foxnews claim to be fair & balance; not.

What do you think about the US election results?


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