[pcductape] Re: avg 6 ending support=>safe sex?

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  • Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2004 01:06:15 -0600

As usual Bob, you make a lot of sense.   :-)

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Now Carl, this safe sex thing just doesn't seem the same to me as not using antivirus programs to protect ones computer. I think there must be a big difference between protecting ones property and protecting ones self, just for starters. And I'm not totally unprotected, as my ISP won't let hardly any of them through, which isn't really good for learning purposes as it's hard to learn how to get rid of them when you don't get any of them. Defeating most viruses is as easy as deleting them out of those run folders in the Registry we were discussing a while back.
And recently there has been a change in the antivirus world, which it seems a lot of people haven't noticed. Microsoft is putting out free critical updates that block all doors for virus as they are learned about. Even antivirus programs don't block these doors until they are known, so aren't any more effective than the critical updates from Microsoft. Microsoft is being very aggressive about this. This reads keeping your critical updates up is way more important than your antivirus program. For this reason, antivirus programs are almost useless these days.
Lets see now, if I use one of those antivirus programs on my cel 333 computer, which this is, it will slow my computer down quite a bit, just like a virus would.
Why would I want to put a virus into my computer? Hey I guess that does relate to safe sex. We're both trying to keep virus out.
The real problem is people don't have a real good understanding of what virus really are, so are afraid to dump their antivirus.
Anyway, if my computer gets a virus, it's not that big a thing. But if I do, it is a very big thing. So they just aren't the same.

Bob Noble

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