[pcductape] Re: avg 6 ending support

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  • Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2004 08:26:19 +0200

Hi Bill,

I must admit that I cheat, I have a shortcut on my Desktop to call up the
Character Map for this sort of thing. The path (in my case for XP SP2) is:


where %SystemRoot% is my Windows folder. Otherwise, Start - All Programs -
Accessories - System Tools- Character Map.

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  Eric, do you have more neat "alt key" tricks?  I liked this one....   Bill

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    Hi Trapper,

    You can keep the 40F, I believe that is as cold or colder than my deep
freeze. However, I would like some of your snow, except there are no
mountains anywhere near where I live, only Mine dumps. So I guess you will
have to send me a mountain or two as well. Oh yes, I can do with some Ocean
as well...

    Computer talk:
    You can create the "degree" sign by holding in the <alt> key while
depressing the numerals 0,1,7,6 in turn on the right hand numeric keypad.

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