[pcductape] Re: avg 6 ending support

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  • Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2004 09:56:35 -0800

Hi Trapper,
IE is integrated big time into the operating system.
Without IE, your system likely wouldn't even work.
Even though people think they can remove it, you really can't, at least not all of it, so just leave it alone. You have enough problems already.
As far as I'm concerned Netscape lost big time customers when they put all the popup ads out with the version and if one didn't know how to turn it off, they were forever closing windows with ads.

Bob Noble
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Bob if I were to nuke out IE6 it would be to free up a space on this old
crowded out computer of mine...Not much sense in carrying around loose
baggage that your not intending to use...
If my memory serves me right this was the contention of one of the Law suits
MS had against it. They claimed it was so integrated and all part of windows
etc.. Contenders claimed this would be a monopoly and would cut them out of
the market..they proved that it could be removed..but how I forgot.
Ms ended up loosing the battle and made room for Netscape..I think Netscape
lost out because they sold out to AOL who had more money..So didn't the ICQ
which reminds me Is anyone still using the ICQ?

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