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Play around with them and let me know..OK..
also check out those other things I mentioned..
I am not confusing the two..Mozilla and Netscape...I was just saying I had 
checked out Netscape and found it to be almost the same as IE6. Wasn't any 
bells or whistles to say " I must change over to it" It also seemed to raise 
havoc on my computer..So I nuked it...Will try out the Mozilla one..
I would like to nuke IE6, but I think it is integrated and won't let 
you..Wasn't that what the MS lawsuits were all about a awhile back?

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  Hi Trapper,

  Yes, I do remember something about font sizes in one of your previous posts. 
I never replied to that one 'cos I am using standard fonts, so haven't played 
around with those yet.

  Don't confuse Netscape with Mozilla -  Mozilla is the one I am using, not 
Netscape, which is purely based on Mozilla and then bundled with a lot of other 
bloated things. Netscape is an AOL product, and it lags behind Mozilla in 
latest builds, etc. I am also on dial-up, actually, 64kB ISDN, and I find that 
Mozilla opens all webpages (including my banking site) much faster than IE did. 
I also no longer get any of the adware rubbish that sneaks in with IE. 

  Lastly, you do not need to uninstall IE because you have Mozilla installed. 
I'm not even sure you can uninstall IE - Bob or someone else can chip in here.

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    Eric I had switched over to the Thunderbird and was looking for anyone else 
who had it..Guess you didn't see my note??
    Anyhow I have since dumped it cuz I could not find anyway to save my font 
settings. Are you able to change them and save the new settings. Mine would 
always revert back to very small..least on my end...Could it be that I just had 
a glitch? I also found that it took longer to send out the mail than the 
outlook express. After doing a spell check it would wait for me to hit the send 
instead of just doing it auto. I also found that the help desk was useless.. 
Virtually none!

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      Hi All,

      And continuing in this vein...

      Dump Internet Explorer and use Firefox or Mozilla; since using Moz I have 
not had any nasties enter my computer for the 6 months or so that I have been 
using it.

      Dump Outlook Express in favour of Thunderbird (Mozilla's Email client).


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