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  • Date: Sat, 17 May 2003 08:58:28 -0700

Hi Carl,
I seemed to remember you were on cable, but I thought I'd bring this up anyway.

I don't think it is xp that is crashing,
I think the ad stuff is crashing, like you said.
There is a difference. :O)

Bob Noble
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| Hi Bob,
| That's just a picture of my default setting should I ever decide to use dial
| up connections again.   I use cable and of course it's continuously
| connected.   That's part of my problem with spyware.
| I use Windows 2000 Professional at the office (Farmers Insurance paid for
| it) and Windows xp home here at home (I paid for it).    Windows 2000
| Professional is a better system than xp.    Windows 2000 never crashes but
| xp will, especially if spyware gets too much.   I think my office unit only
| has 1 spyware and that's Farmers Insurance, but since they pay me I don't
| think I'll fuss.
| Carl

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