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Hi Bob, Carl, De, and Chuck,
I got to work on Bill's machine this afternoon and did (most) all that we
have talked about.  I had to leave almost the minute I finished so I didn't
get to see if all of our work was successful or not.  I'm hoping Bill will
tell us as soon as he finds out. Cross your fingers everyone.


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Hi Pam and Bill too,

Another thing you should do is remove the video drivers in device manager.
Reboot and it should load a new set automatically. If it doesn't, suspect a
problem in this area.

The reason we are messing with the video card is because the mouse and
everything else for that matter is linked to the video card.  Whenever you
weird mouse problems, suspect the video card drivers. It's a good idea to
for updates to these drivers.
It could be that you need the updated version, if it exists to work with
newer software on your machine. Or a program you installed messed up the
drivers in some way, and now they need to be replaced with a new set and
installing also makes a lot of internal latches that may need to be remade.

Got that? :O)

Bob Noble

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