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Hi Pam,
  Just let me add; every version (they are non dependent) makes its own
folder and transfers some data that a newer version may need, what I
usually do is rename the last installed version to just "AOL". The next
version that you add will ask if it can make a folder, say AOL 9.0; I
say NO, install it to "AOL".  That way you get latest update that
overwrites old files and uses the old data that still might be useful.
Usually I get a 95% success rate for all the old passwords, settings and
URLs to work correctly. 

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Hi Pam,

Click Settings, Preferences, WWW, but before you click on the Delete
do click on "Setting" to find out where those files are located and
you get the computer running ok, then go to
and download Cleanup3 and you can configure it to clean out the temp
in your friend'a AOL machine.     The reason I suggest Cleanup3 is
it will delete .DAT files which are an index files of all the urls.   I
not use AOL but I did find the instructions at:


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> I'm going to help a friend clean up his machine next week who is on
> know the general clean ups to do, spyware checks, etc.  Does anyone
> know where AOL 8 keeps their temp files?  Also, are AOL upgrades
> on their previous versions?  Can I safely delete the files of older
> of AOL on the machine?  Anything else related to AOL  that I might
need to
> know or can get rid of?
> Thanks,
> Pam

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