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HI Vic,

Well, our balance of trade payments is the largest it's ever been in our
favour, we have just had a most peaceful general election, we're not at war
with our neighbours and things are humming along nicely & peacefully here.
Gold is becoming a no-no, it's becoming too expensive to mine. The Mines are
going deep now, the gold is there, but it's over 3 Km deep and that is the
depth that the Mines have been operating at for some time. Diamonds and
Platinum we have plenty of. We don't have any of our own oil, but we do
successfully convert coal into oil & gas.

What really gets my goat is people, because they do not know better, lump us
as "Raw Africa". South Africa was originally part of the British Empire but
gained full independence in the early 60's. We have absolutely NO ties with
ANY other country in Africa other than sharing the same continent. Yet if
Nigeria, Kenya, DRY etc does anything stupid, we are all thrown into one
boiling pot because some ignorant overseas politicians seem to think we're a
sort of "United States of Africa". Nothing is further from the truth.

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  Last I heard Eric - SA itself is not doing so good anymore either, neither
socially nor economically
  Though lucky for you you still have all those gold and diamond mines.

  I have my sources all over SA - believe me

  Eric Skeen wrote:

    Hi Trapper,

    Browsing it now, it reflects Africa overall as a continent. I'll leave
it to you to explain to everyone else that South Africa is only one country,
completely independent, off all and any other African country. You know, as
different as North America, South America, etc...

    We just happen to share the same continent and have two oceans bordering
us, as well as a northern border shared with Namibia, Zimbabwe (ruled by a
%&%^* Tyrant!!), Zambia & Mozambique.  All those countries, strangely
enough, were very prosperous when they were run as various colonies. And
then they acquired independence and all went to h*ll... Namibia seems to be
doing OK now, Mozambique is broke, Zambia is now picking up the reins once
more while Zim has just arrested their Financial Minister for smuggling
Zim$30,000,000 out of his country to build luxury homes here in SA.
Incidentally, their prez, Mugabe, was refused accommodation by two of our
posh hotels here in SA when he was "invited" to attend Prez Mbeki's
inauguration for second term of office. I was so proud of them... He is

    <<Steps off his Soapbox>>

    That Guy In Africa...

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