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Hi Trapper,

Browsing it now, it reflects Africa overall as a continent. I'll leave it to
you to explain to everyone else that South Africa is only one country,
completely independent, off all and any other African country. You know, as
different as North America, South America, etc...

We just happen to share the same continent and have two oceans bordering us,
as well as a northern border shared with Namibia, Zimbabwe (ruled by a %&%^*
Tyrant!!), Zambia & Mozambique.  All those countries, strangely enough, were
very prosperous when they were run as various colonies. And then they
acquired independence and all went to h*ll... Namibia seems to be doing OK
now, Mozambique is broke, Zambia is now picking up the reins once more while
Zim has just arrested their Financial Minister for smuggling Zim$30,000,000
out of his country to build luxury homes here in SA. Incidentally, their
prez, Mugabe, was refused accommodation by two of our posh hotels here in SA
when he was "invited" to attend Prez Mbeki's inauguration for second term of
office. I was so proud of them... He is Monster!

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  Eric I found this site dealing with African news..
  Arts of Alaska

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