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Hi Carl,

Try CWShredder, it should solve your problem.


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Hey guys,

I have been hi-jacked but I cannot find the offender.   I am using Windows 2000
prof with Internet Explorer 6 (Required by my company) and just about every
morning I come in and the Internet Explorer is set to About:blank.   The website
at http://www.softwarepatch.com/tips/about-blank-adware.html says:

The most likely culprit is an adware/browser hijack program - in particular,
and the website continues:
The About:Blank deception is devious enough already - it may be altered in the
future, so keep an eye out for other programs that contain it (main sources:
free programs with adware files) - and stay clear. Finally, consider adding an
anti-adware tool to work next to your anti-virus software. Our prefered choice
is SpyCatcher.

I empty my temporary files and cookies every day with Cleanup3.   I run Spybot
and it catches CoolWebSearch and I remove it.   Yet two days later about:blank
is  back.   What am I doing wrong?

Has anyone tried SpyCatcher?


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