[pcductape] Re: Work too, Computers in tractors?

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Good luck on your exam!
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  You?re right Carl; Artesian water is usually very good, also cold enough
to drink from the tap.  A lot of the bottled water here (California) is just
city water that?s been re filtered and still sells for a fortune.  I keep
thinking of the fact that EVIAN spelled backwards is NAÏVE.

  Yeah, 1:55 am here, been trying to study for my MCSE exams, but not having
enough concentration, guess it?s time for bed.

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  Hi Chuck,

  You're up late.    I was expecting Bob to say that he pumps the water from
his lovely river to the tanks but I've read another message where he says he
gets water from natural springs out of the ground.   That is the best
drinking water available.   There are companies that bottle the natural
water and sell it for $1.05 a bottle (at least here in Houston).


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