[pcductape] Re: Work too, Computers in tractors?

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Hi Carl,
As you read about the springs. One finds one above the place of putting the
tank. Once a spring is found, one puts the tank below it on the hill, high
enough to provide pressure at the point of usage, usually about fifty pounds.
Most of our springs are not large. Some only give about a half gallon a minute
at this time of year, which is usually the lowest volume, until it rains again.

This tank has two springs tapped, which yield about one gallon a minute total,
thus the large tank to store it until it is needed.

This is a very good vegetable and a supper fruit area. My yard is full of fruit
trees, grapes and berries.

I'd say, one of the best things in my life is where I live.
And I can't think of any good use for the computer, that would improve or help
the water collecting operation. As it works twenty four hours a day with no
power and no other intervention.

Bob Noble
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Hi Bob,

Yes, I know you work, but I'm jealous of where you live.   I bet you can raise
any kind of produce or fruit desired, now that you've got water.   How do you
get the water into the tank?


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  Now Carl, I do work some times.
  Today I helped my brother stand up this 6500 gallon tank he wants to use to
store water for a garden.

  After we got it up, I went kayaking for the rest of the day.
  I need a computer for our tractor too. It took us three tries to get the tank
up. It kept falling over sideways, but persistence pays off.

  Bob Noble

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