[pcductape] Witty attacks your firewall and destroys your data

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This from an anti virus group I belong to.


Witty attacks your firewall and destroys your data
By Thomas C Greene in Washington
Posted: 21/03/2004 at 21:39 GMT

A new worm that, ironically, makes sport of Win-32
systems defended by BlackIce and RealSecure firewall
products from Internet Security Systems (ISS) began
circulating Saturday.

The worm, dubbed 'witty,' is memory-resident only and
propagates via UDP port 4000, and possibly others.
While occupied with reproducing itself, it overwrites
data on the local hard disk(s), and can render a
machine un-bootable if it corrupts the master boot
record or partition table, or file allocation tables.

The worm is exceptionally vicious by current
standards and implies the presence of a highly
motivated spoil-sport, such as a disgtruntled former
employee, an envious competitor, or a monumentally
dissatisfied customer. Or it could just be a cool bit
of retro coding.

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