[pcductape] Re: Windows xp - FAT V NTFS

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  • Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 22:40:44 +0200

Hi Carl,

I prefer NTFS because it is a more secure system. Downside is it
probably is more difficult to boot into NTFS from a normal boot disk.
Having said that, I have two drives in my computer with two partitions
each, all formatted using NTFS and I've never experienced any problems
with this file system.

Of course, you could always download the Ultimate Boot CD which should
get you out of just about any mess. Obtainable here:

Have a good day!

That Guy In Africa...
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Hi Eric,

Good suggestions.   I'll work on them on my off day tomorrow.

Another thought;   should I convert the C drive to NTFS?
Or should I convert the E drive to FAT?


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> Hi Carl,
> Methinks the C-drive is busy telling you it wants to make way to its
> final resting place. Another conclusion might be that your boot
> might be corrupt (run a good AV & Trojan scan to check for this), or
> try a Windows Repair from the CD. Can the unit boot up from a System
> CD? Are your drives both S.M.A.R.T capable, and have you enabled
> function? When last did you run a defrag & disk cleanup?
> Finally, it might pay you to check that all cables & connectors are
> secure and not working loose.
> I very much doubt it is occurring as a result of your new Hard
> but anything is possible.
> That Guy In Africa...

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