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Hi Carl,

Methinks the C-drive is busy telling you it wants to make way to its
final resting place. Another conclusion might be that your boot sector
might be corrupt (run a good AV & Trojan scan to check for this), or
try a Windows Repair from the CD. Can the unit boot up from a System
CD? Are your drives both S.M.A.R.T capable, and have you enabled this
function? When last did you run a defrag & disk cleanup?

Finally, it might pay you to check that all cables & connectors are
secure and not working loose.

I very much doubt it is occurring as a result of your new Hard drive,
but anything is possible.

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Hey Guys,

One of my computers at my office has an unusual problem and I wonder
if any
of you ladies and gentlemen have any suggestions.   I have a 4 year
computer that had an adequate amount of space;   4 years ago.   I
found the
need to increase my space and stupid me, rather than go to Best Buy to
get a
cheap computer, I purchased a 60 gb hard drive and installed it as my
drive.   For about a month the unit booted up ok, then one day I had
reboot a couple of times to get the unit up;  a couple of weeks later
I had
to reboot 4 times to get the unit up;   and now I have to reboot the
machine 8 times before it will come up.   The 1st - 7th time I reboot,
unit goes to about 2/3 of the way (the little bar showing loading
and hangs.

The unit has Windows 2000 Professional with 2 hard drives;   drive C
Windows installed and it is 4 gb and the file format is FAT.   Drive E
is 60
gb and I use it for storage and misc programs.    Drive E's file
format is

Any thoughts?


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