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Hey Scott, 
Good post.
Answered a lot of my questions.
Bob Noble
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| Hi Jupiter,
| Thursday, December 11, 2003, 9:05:35 PM, you wrote:
| Bcc> I have a client who just bought a new, basic PC at
| Bcc> CompUSA. He wanted to upgrade his programs from a slower Pentium
| Bcc> PC. However, several of his DOS programs will not run on the XP
| Bcc> machine.
| Bcc> I'm not that familar with XP but I proposed to re-format
| Bcc> his new PC and load W98SE, (what he has on his old machine). He
| Bcc> went back to CompUSA and they told him that it would not work. I
| Bcc> haven't done that particular switch before but I don't believe it
| Bcc> will be a problem - - - except perhaps for some special drivers
| Bcc> that I might have to download from the new PC.
| Which programs don't work? Make sure that you have WinXP SP1 installed
| as well as the compatibiliy updates from WindowsUpdate. Also, create
| an icon for the program(s) in question, then look at the properties
| for the icon; you should see a Compatibility tab; select Win98 or
| Win95 compatibility, to see if that helps. Furher, note that there are
| two different command shells, one is CMD.EXE and the other is
| COMMAND.COM; you may get better results with COMMAND.COM. Microsoft
| went to some effort to make WinXP backwards-compatible with Win98, so
| your "several" statement kinda surprises me. I started out with DOS,
| so when I moved to Windows, backwards compatibility was important for
| me. Nearly everything that I wanted to use worked, and most of the
| rest either had better replacements in Windows (especially if they
| don't make mouse use mandatory, like some brain-dead programmers do),
| or don't really apply to Windows. With Win2K and WinXP, some programs
| are blocked for security reasons; logging on as Administrator
| ("Owner", on some brands) will bypass this problem.  There's also an
| Application Compatibility Toolkit that you can download which has
| fixes for a large number of specific programs, mostly games.
| The problem with Win98 is getting drivers for the newer hardware. If
| the hardware is relatively standard, this probably won't be much of a
| problem. Also, if the machine has 512M or more of memory, you may have
| trouble. Also, you may not be able to use all of the hard drive space.
| --Scott.

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