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  • Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2003 18:00:55 -0500

I just tested it on mine and hubby's machine and it worked great.  Now, one
problem.  Our network is on cable through a router.  How am I going to
access my machine from hers (TN) if necessary?  I know all the IP addresses
because my cable one is static, the router's is static and my machine (only)
is static.  Will this app detect where to go on the network using the cable
IP if my box is the only one running the viewer?

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> Right, but it's better because it's free, and what you are using it for is
> exactly the same reason I got it for.  I haven't used PCAnywhere but I
> understand it's very similar.
> Install the server on your machine first so you can see what's required
> then you can talk to them over the phone to get it installed on their
> machine, then all you need is their IP and password to be able to help
> and they can watch what you do and learn too.  This is the reason I was
> asking how to obtain the IP of someone through netstat that Scott helped
> with.  So far I haven't gotten it to tell me what I need to know though.
> Another thought Sandi that I did.  I put it in their start up so that they
> wouldn't have to figure out how to turn it on when they needed help. Right
> now, the way we are getting past the IP problem is that you can hover over
> the icon in the system tray when it is on and it will tell you your IP,
> if a novice doesn't do it often they forget how.
> As for over networks, I've used it from a client machine to access the
> server onthe same network, but I don't know how one would access someone
> else's client machine.  Anyone else know?
> Pam

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