[pcductape] Re: WinME vs W98SE

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  • Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2003 08:59:29 -0700

Hi Matt,
WinMe was made to keep up with the hardware of newer computers, to keep the
hardware manufacturers happy and there isn't any thing wrong with it, despite
what a lot of people say.

Why are you not considering xp?

Bob Noble
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| <<I agree with Bob;   why go backwards in technology?>>
| I don't feel that ME was much of an advance in Op Systems but I think that
| the "solution" might be for her to "upgrade" to W2000.  I don't use W2000, but
| understand it is a more stable Op System than W98SE or WinME.
| My only concern is that I understand that W2000 uses a different file system
| than WinME, (Fat 32 vs Nts something) - - - and I'm not sure whether the
| upgrade will trash her existing files.   Any comments????

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