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You can select either NTFS or FAT32 in Windows 2000. Win2K is a superb OS
and the chances are you will never return to 98 or ME. Backup all your
existing data first though in case Win2K decides to format the drive. BTW,
it is best to reserve say, 3GB for the OS, and the remainder of the drive
for your programs. Best way to do this is with Partition Magic before you
install the new OS. You will most likely have to re-install all your program
files in any case, and be aware that many (fairly recent) scanners may not
be supported in Win2K.

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  <<I agree with Bob;   why go backwards in technology?>>

  I don't feel that ME was much of an advance in Op Systems but I think that
the "solution" might be for her to "upgrade" to W2000.  I don't use W2000,
but I understand it is a more stable Op System than W98SE or WinME.

  My only concern is that I understand that W2000 uses a different file
system than WinME, (Fat 32 vs Nts something) - - - and I'm not sure whether
the upgrade will trash her existing files.   Any comments????

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