[pcductape] Re: Win98se Icons on the desktop

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  • Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 03:10:58 -0500

I think so.   I would remove the eBay toolbar and reboot.  I bet that will fix 
the problem.

There is a lot of talk about this problem at 
and one of the techs believe the problem is related to spyware, notably 
Xupiter.    Since your Ad-Aware did not identify Xupiter, I would use regedit 
and do a search for xupiter and remove all registry entries for xupiter.

Remember to backup the data files 1st.


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  Hi all 
     Ladies complaint, when she clicks on desktop icons the computer freezes, 
  hard reboot is the only way out. 
      Things that I have done, updated and ran antivirus software, adaware, 
  spybot, swat-it, did find alot of spyware (and 1 trojan file) and removed all 
  except her e-bay toolbar, she uses this toolbar all the time. (Spybot and 
  did complain that e-bay toolbar is spyware.) Deleted win.swp file, index.dat 
  file, shellicon file. 
     Results; nothing worked. Could the ebay toolbar be causing this? Anyone 
use the ebay toolbar or have heard of any problems with it? Any other ideas? 

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