[pcductape] Win98 trouble shooting

  • From: "Bob Noble" <bnoble@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 20:05:52 -0800

Do you get the tcp/ip to work from the win98 machine?
See below.

Bob Noble

The Host Connects to the Internet But the Client Does Not
With the Host connected to the Internet, test the LAN and Internet connections
by performing the following procedures:
  a.. Use Winipcfg Tool

  To use the Winipcfg tool to verify the IP address, follow these steps:

    1.. Click Start, click Run, type winipcfg, and then click OK.
    2.. In the Ethernet Adapter Information box, select the network adapter.
    3.. Click Release, click Renew, and then click OK.
  If the IP address for the network adapter is 192.168.0.x (where x is a number
between 2 and 254), the client successfully obtained an IP address from the

  If the client does not obtain an IP address from the Host, you may need to
enable the DHCP service on the Host or manually assign a static IP address to
the client.

  b.. Ping IP Address of Host

  To use the Ping command to verify the functionality of Transport Control
Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), follow these steps:
    1.. Click Start, point to Programs, and then click MS-DOS Prompt.
    2.. At the command prompt, type ping, and then press ENTER.
    3.. At the command prompt, type exit, and then press ENTER to return to

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