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Hi De,
What Carl is talking about is in control panel, administrative tools, there is
an event viewer that will tell you if there are any errors that happen while the
computer is running. If you double click the error it will tell you a bit more
about the problem. Check the application and system part.

Limit what's running in the tray or all programs that start at start up, that
you are not using. Remember all these programs can be started from the start

Also, do a defrag if you haven't yet.

Bob Noble
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Hi De,

It's no secret but I've been using Windows XP since it 1st became available a
couple of years ago and now I would not dare go back to another os.   I love it.
Bob, the River Man, will tell you to keep up with  the Administrative Logs off
of the Start - Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Ad logs and review it
each time you have an error.;  Or use "Help" to find out more.  Even now, with a
slow start, you can review the logs to see what's loading and if there are any
conflicts.   Btw, Windows xp is not as fast of the older os's.   Also, in all
fairness, shut down the excessive programs that are loading on reboot.   Use
Start - Run - Msconfig to get to your Startup folder and just uncheck all.
Then start rebooting and add programs one and a time until you have what your


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