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Lots of things you can do to speed up XP.
First - make sure you are only loading the basic stuff you need when your
comp starts - stuff like MS Messenger, Graphics programs and stuff you don't
use all the time just slow down the boot time and also afterwards sit there
and use up resources that would otherwise be free for other stuff.
Second - weekly defrag - must do.
Third - clean out the registry once in a while - also compact it - the less
defragged that is, the faster it loads upon booting [the registry is quite
Fourth - if your comp has two HD - move the swap file to your second HD
Fifth - use a good defrag tool and make sure your swap file is one
contiguous file and not defragged.
I'm not going to count - so here are some more pointers
Get rid of unused services [stop them manually and set them to manual start
- be careful with this as some services are dependant upon others]
Clean out temp files once a week
Get rid of all the fancy graphic stuff that slows down XP a lot
Use a program such as Prefetch Cleaner to clean out the prefetch files - the
first boot after that will be slower but after will speed up again
Get more RAM
Scott mentioned Direct X 9 - only usable under the top level video/graphics
cards at the moment and very few programs [mainly the latest games] even use
the instructions contained within DirectX 9, so that is not quite necessary
yet - but on that note - make sure you do have the latest drivers for all
your hardware - newer versions of drivers are for the most part faster and
Disable cataloging if you want.
Disable system restore if you want
Make sure your IE cache is no bigger than about 100-150 MB
Change the properties of your Recycle bin to a smaller size - you don't need
10% of a 40GB hard disk for that - a couple hundred MB is way enough for
most people.
There is lots and lots that can be done - just search around the web and
you'll find it all. Tweaking a comp system is something that never really
Further questions always welcome


TTFN - Vic

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Hey group 
  I do not run XP, however I have a chance to learn it now. 
  I am tweaking a new computer with a clean install of XP home and was
looking for any tweaking suggestions. Upon the first boot up I was very
disappointed, it took forever to boot and then it asked a ton of questions,
didn't mind the questions tho. The next time I booted it, it was much
faster, however, I put the new machine up against an old machine with win98
in it and the new machine still should be faster. (Both machines arrived at
the log on screen at just about the same time) 
  Ok here are the stats of the new machine 
      1.2 AMD processor with 128mg ram, 40gig HD,  generic CD player and
      on board, video, sound and network 
Did a google search and came up with alot of pages for XP, I have learned
alot from those pages. What are some of the tips, tricks, and tweaks, that
you folks have used to make your machine scream right along? 
Appreciate the input 

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