[pcductape] Win XP home ed.

  • From: DGrell7446@xxxxxxx
  • To: pcductape@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 13:43:37 EDT

Hey group
   I do not run XP, however I have a chance to learn it now. 
   I am tweaking a new computer with a clean install of XP home and was 
looking for any tweaking suggestions. Upon the first boot up I was very 
disappointed, it took forever to boot and then it asked a ton of questions, 
didn't mind 
the questions tho. The next time I booted it, it was much faster, however, I 
put the new machine up against an old machine with win98 in it and the new 
machine still should be faster. (Both machines arrived at the log on screen at 
about the same time)
   Ok here are the stats of the new machine
       1.2 AMD processor with 128mg ram, 40gig HD,  generic CD player and 
       on board, video, sound and network
Did a google search and came up with alot of pages for XP, I have learned 
alot from those pages. What are some of the tips, tricks, and tweaks, that you 
folks have used to make your machine scream right along?
Appreciate the input

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