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Hi Pam,
Here is an article that came in today's mail about Windows xp.
"The Holy Grail for many Windows computer users is "uptime".
Uptime is the amount of time a computer can go before it has
to be restarted. How do you figure out how long it's been
since you've restarted your computer? You could keep a log,
but that would be really boring! A better way is to use the
Windows Uptime tool. Just download the file and place it in
your WINDOWS directory. Then open a command prompt and type
"uptime" (without the quotes). Bingo! There's your uptime.
We've had XP Pro systems up for over 200 days. Let us know
your best uptime.
http://www.winxpnews.com/rd/rd.cfm?id=030429TI-UpTime "

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  Hi all,
  Just got home and found lots of messages! =)

  Bob is right in that I'm looking for system up time, but
Sandi and Dan
  mentioned something that will be of help until I find what
I'm looking for.
  Since I have a LAN that activates when I boot up and remains
active it will
  get me a close estimate to system up time unless the network
goes down.
  And Scott and Eric have pointed me to downloads that will
accomplish what I
  am wanting too.  I still know I remember seeing it built
into Windows.....
  somewhere (Eric keep thinking about it) so I'm going to hold
off downloading
  something until I give up trying to find the built in

  Thank you, all of you, for your contributions!!  And don't
be so quiet! =)


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  >Ooops , looking back I am sure you are right Bob, Sorry for
  >misinformation, Dan
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  >Yea you guys, but I think Pam is looking for system up
time, like how long
  >computer has been running?
  >|     From: Pam
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  >|     Sent: Monday, April 28, 2003 10:09 AM
  >|     Subject: [pcductape] Win 2k up time
  >|     Hey all,
  >|     I've seen somewhere on Win 2k, a clock showing how
  >| the system has been running but I can't remember where I
  >| seen it..  Does anyone know where it is?
  >|     Pam

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