[pcductape] Re: Why do we have so many places to post to??

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  • Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 11:20:47 -0600

Hi Trapper,

We moved from yahoogroups to topica because of problems and advertising.

Topica has its own set of problems and is often very finicky about who
receives posts and who doesn't. Actually, it has more problems than yahoo
ever thought of having but there was no advertising.  Note that I said
"...WAS no advertising."... (Now that they are soon to be adding advertising
too it might be time to give yahoogoups another go for the chatty list.)

We went to freelists because it is more reliable and fewer people have
problems with freelists.  However, we are told that freelists frowns on
offtopic posts so we still use the topica list also because the folks on
this list are of a chatty, friendly nature and seldom stay on topic for

Does that clear things up for ya?


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>Why do we have so many places to post to??
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>> Trapper, try to remember to add a subjectline to your posts for
>> Otherwise they come to me or one of the mods so we have to approve it.
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>> > Why do we have so many places to post to??
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